Healing through music and play


The floods in Chennai were like never before and took its toll in various ways. A natural disaster of this kind always can have a very traumatic impact on children which may manifest in later life. It requires timely intervention and healing. The trauma symptoms are often displayed in the form of startle reactions, dreams, crying, anger, palpitations and the like. Slightly older children tend to withdraw, become fearful, want to cling to elders, have sleep disturbances or refuse to go to school , avoid going near water, climbing a bridge etc.

Nalandaway Foundation identified 2780 small children who had suffered anxieties due to flood water entering their homes. We partnered with V Excel Trust to conduct 93 music and play therapy sessions. For children, especially the younger ones, who cannot express their feelings either in words or pictures, a movement story and sensitive touch through activities, can give a sense of security and safety.

This photograph was taken at a school on the outskirts of Chennai. The joy and energy of these kids was so infectious and are so evident. Thank you Vasudha Prakash of V Excel for helping us in this project.



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