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It was my first time inside a mosque in Chennai. I have been to mosques in Delhi, Agra, Srinagar and Istanbul but the 17th century Big Mosque in Triplicane, this was my first. It was six in the evening and Muslims who were observing the Ramzan fast were gathering inside the mosque steadily. There were rows of mats for them to sit and bowls of porridge were placed alongside. At 6:40 pm the muezzin requested the Muslims to break their fast. At this moment, a row of Hindu volunteers started serving a nutrition-rich kanji, pickle, Frooti bottle, banana, rose milk, gulab jamoon, candy bar and dessert to all the Muslim devotees. I was touched by their sense of camaraderie and generosity. These Hindu volunteers were Sindhis and have been doing this activity at the Triplicane Mosque during Ramzan for decades. There was joy in every person, both Hindu and Muslim. During the floods in December the same mosque provided food to Hindus and Muslims non-stop for more than a week. Muslim volunteers had also cleaned the famous Parthasarathy Temple in the neigbourhood. Let’s not get our fears come in the way of showing love. Thank you Kombai S Anwar and Vincent D Souza for this memorable experience.


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