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Movies for the visually challenged

Visualise this. Hundreds of girls, boys, men and women, all of them visually challenged inside a movie hall. The movie has just begun. There are no dialogues at the moment. An electric guitar plays on flamboyantly. A lone voice narrates how Rajnikanth walks into the screen, in fancy suits with his thunder-clap swag. The entire auditorium erupts in celebration.

I was a witness to this awe-inspiring experience. The lone voice who narrated the happenings on the screen when there were no dialogues made all the difference to them. Try wearing an eye mask next time you see a movie, you will know what I am talking about.

And I hear this is going to be a permanent feature in all films. One more reason to love the Satyam Cinemas. In a few months along with Radio Mirchi they are planning to install a small FM transmitter that works with mobile phones which enables visually challenged to listen to the audio description on their headphones while watching it with others.

How cool is this?

Susmitha Chakkungal of Radio Mirchi Senthil Kumar of Real Image Swaroop Reddy Kiran Reddy of SPI Cinemas

Aren’t these guys so beautiful?


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