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Social entrepreneurship


These days, calling social entrepreneurs to speak about their work is the new entertainment ‘tamasha’ that the moneyed and company types indulge in. “They want to be inspired,” the organisers will tell you, “they have lots of money and their connections can open the world to you.” I have been waiting for that utopian cheque at every one of these events. When they get bored of stand-up comedians they organise the ‘speech of the century that will rock you,’ by the most available bakra in town.

“I exactly know when the aunties in the audience will get teary-eyed,” a friend once told me. And if you thought your work had inspired them and they might actually sign a cheque, my sincere apologies, that was not why they came for the show. It is like shedding a tear when they watch Shahrukh light a bulb in ‘Swades.’ Period. Pop corn time over.

And you got your five minutes of spotlight.

“We loved your presentation. Did you enjoy the food?” the organiser lady in stilettos asked.

“Thank you,” I smiled. Yes, gourmet food at fancy hotels is all that I look for in these events.


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