In medias res

The Bliss Catchers


Last Saturday I was invited to speak at “The Bliss Catchers” conducted by Avis Viswanathan in association with the Odyssey book shop. The event brings people from all walks of life who have managed to catch the elusive bliss. Avis and his partner Vaani Anand lead the event series. I have known both of them for several years. He is the author of the book “Fall like a rose petal.” The book is a series of letters to his children, which are a set of confessions dealing with the raw aspects of living especially the situations when one faces financial losses and bankruptcy. Both in his book and when you meet him, you will never find a person gunning for your sympathy, but someone who is happy, warm and always seeing the sunny side to every racquetball thrown at him.

“The Bliss Catchers” event is about sharing our insecurities, challenges, moments of bliss and sources of inspiration. Avis is an able moderator who keeps the conversations focused on these topics firmly on the rails and strictly adheres to wrapping the evening within 90 minutes. With the support of Ashwin T S of Odyssey the event has now become a hit. My session on Saturday was a full house inspite of the rains.

The event is organized normally between 7 and 8:30 pm on the last Saturday of every month at Odyssey Bookstore in Adyar, Chennai. Do follow him or Odyssey’s page for future events.

Conversations on Living

Start living

I hear so much cynicism these days. There is fear of losing work, status, money, health and relationships. We are in hard unpredictable times. But a wise old lady at the corner of my street has a secret that might carry us through. “You have answers to all that’s troubling you. You have lived this life a million times and the cure to your problem will appear when you really need it. Stop fearing, stop thinking, stop comparing, start living,” she says. “Your muscle knows more than your brain.” Before I could grasp the prophecy, she takes a tenner from my hand and winks at me before she leaves.